Packshot Photographer in Nottinghamshire

Ecommerce photography for websites can take many forms, and as a business owner it is important to consider what your brand style suits. Perhaps you are needing standard white background photography for your listings on amazon, or perhaps you are looking for some lifestyle photography with a bit more character for your etsy shop or shopify store? Here at Bryony Photography, we have over 12 years experience in ecommerce photography for websites, and can assist you with great quality ecommerce photography to grow your business and get your customers engaged.

White Background Packshots

These are the bread and butter of ecommerce photography, and are crisp and classic version of the genre. Often used for clothing packshots, the white background product photographs are achieved by photographing product with an even lighting, and then using an image manipulation software such as photoshop to cut the product out to pure white. This gives the customer an unobstructed view and clear understanding of the product details. This type of photography is great for: Clothing Packshots, Jewellery Packshots and Product Packshots.

Lifestyle Product Packshots

Many small business owners are now opting for a more dynamic and lifestlyle approach to their Ecommerce Packshot Photography. Offering more freedom to express the brand identity, and the products personality, many shop owners see the benefit of a more creative approach to their packshot photography. Whether you opt for colourful backgrounds to make your product pop, or opt for a whimsical lifestyle flatlay to really give your products a backstory, Bryony Photogrpahy can help you give your product packshots a narrative.

How do i Find a Packshot Photographer?

Finding a packshot photographer can be tricky if you are not local to a major city, and even then, knowing who to choose is a minefield. There are a couple of major companies across the UK offering packshot photography for products and clothing in bulk for small to medium businesses. These companies are a good solution for companies with large batches of outstanding product skus, or businesses who have enough product volumes to require a large team to complete the tasks.

Choosing a Freelance Photographer

If you decide to hire a freelance photographer to cover your packshot photography, you are now left with the conundrum of who to choose. There will be many photographers local to you covering a whole host of photography genres, but it is imperative that the photographer you choose has a solid portfolio of product and still life photography. Even more preferred, is that your chosen photographer has a portfolio including a similar product type to yours. A clothing photography specialist may not have the expertise to showcase your glassware goods in their best light. If you really like the look of a photographer, but they don’t have images in their portfolio showcasing that product type, then ask if they can send you examples. Most photographers don’t show everything on their website, and may have examples of exactly what you are looking for somewhere in their asset bank.

Questions to ask a Professional Photographer

Once you have found a potential photographer, you may not know quite how to proceed if you haven’t been in this situation before. The good news is that an experienced photographer will help guide you, managing expectations and giving clear instructions on requirements versus output. However, here are some handy tips on questions to ask your potential photographer:

  • Do you have examples of similar product photography?
  • What other brands have you worked with?
  • Do you have a studio space? Or will a space be rented for the project? Or will the photographer shoot onsite in your warehouse?
  • What sort of turnaround times can we expect?
  • What are the lead times to start the project?
  • How do you plan on prepping the products? (clothing should be steamed, and tabletop product will normally need to be wiped clean of dust and debris)
  • How will the project be charged? Per product, per project, per timescale?
  • What size batches can be managed daily by the studio?
  • Is the photographer comfortable with having the client on site during the shoot?
  • What are the charges for a late cancellation?

Setting up an in-house photography department

Although, it is always more cost effective to set up an in house photography team, this can be daunting for companies who are new to taking this step. Bryony Photography can also assist businesses with setting up their in-house content teams ensuring that you have the right equipment, people and space to make the process cost effective and a smooth transition. We have 12 years expertise in managing in-house photographic and video requirements for retailers, and this can be done remotely or on site at your warehousing facility. From recruitment assistance, ensuring you have the best talent to suit your needs, through to external contracts with modelling agencies to make sure that you get the best deal – Bryony Photography will make your transition from external to in-house smooth and hassle free.

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Nottinghamshire High-End Jewellery Photographer

Not just anyone can bring colours to life like us. It takes expertise and practise to make a gemstone sparkle as we do as well as implement specialist knowledge and extensive training to give metal surfaces definition like Bryony Photography does. We capture eye-catching, professional images using specific light-shaping tools as we appreciate every angle of your project. Our techniques have been mastered during our ten plus years of shooting high-end jewellery for the UK’s top fine jewellers and best costume jewellers.

Jewellery Photography For Any Requirement

In order to showcase your jewellery at its best, we regularly work in tandem with art directors and stylists which can create striking campaigns for your collection. The Bryony Photography team brings colour and texture to your images without sacrificing any definition. Our clean, professional shots are produced as e-commerce images for websites or still life shots for social media use.

In the last decade, we have worked with a cross-section of clients from wholesalers and independent jewellers right up to the top names in the industry producing stunning images for all. This has established Bryony Photography as a reputable market leader that delivers quality work and exceptional photographs. So if you want to impress customers and attract new people towards your products we are the service for you. We cater for brochures and catalogues, newspapers, magazines, websites and advertising campaigns of all criteria. Let us transform your jewellery exposure and lift company sales today.

Nottingham Extensive High-End Jewellery Packshots 

This service showcases the product on a white background and is probably the most common e-commerce photography style used today. These multipurpose images are industry standard in order to be used across other platforms and hosts such as 3rd party companies like Amazon. Bryony Photography also offers bespoke shoots to match individual requirements at all times and will both crop the images for web and deliver in high resolution.

High-End Jewellery Retouching Nottinghamshire

From gems and stones being sharpened and brightened to Metals smoothed, Bryony Photography delivers the highest quality retouching at a competitive price. All colours on the product are corrected to daylight appearance and any unsightly reflections are removed and reshaped as part of our comprehensive retouching service using the latest technology and software.

Nottinghamshire Creative Jewellery Photography

Our affordable rates allow you to receive a fantastic package, fulfilling your image needs for a great price. Tailored to individual requirements, Bryony Photography’s bespoke packages are suitable for both single pieces and group shots providing creative jewellery lifestyle images of undoubted quality.

Social Media Specific Photography

The retainer packages on offer from Bryony Photography will install brand alignment and quality to your social media streams. You don’t need to pay campaign prices to give this crucial area a significant boost by bulking up your social media assets and engagements with extra volume.

Contact us today to discuss your jewellery photography at or head over to the contact page.

Newark Fashion Photographer

The adaptability and versatility of Bryony Photography mean we have everything covered, whatever you are looking for. Our flexible approach caters for the athleisure product or shooting a lookbook for a new product range or even a street style campaign shoot. We can supplement your brand or business by providing quality imagery that can be planned, shot and delivered quickly and efficiently to complete your project.

Full-Service Photography Based In Newark

By hiring Bryony Photography, you are investing in a total end-to-end photography management service that takes full control from start to finish leaving you to focus on running your business without distraction. This includes pre-production, shoot days all the way through to post-production and delivery formats all whilst ensuring your product offering is shot in the best lighting and meets all brand identity spec.

Benefits Of A Newark Based Photographer? 

We make the most of our surroundings at Bryony Photography and have enlisted a few extra features to enhance our already excellent portfolio of options. We have a great variety of Newark studio photography options at our disposal and even have an underwater shoot option with a local water tank! Our extensive range covers lifestyle shoots where we incorporate decorated Air BnB’s, local cities for urban projects and beautiful countryside for the more outdoor types. Whatever you desire, contact Bryony Photography for a full list of our Nottingham based locations and options.



·       Lookbook

·       Premium Fashion photography

·       Studio Fashion Photography

·       Location Photoshoots

·       Influencer Photography 

·       Editorial Photography

·       Behind the scenes photography

·       “Making of” photography

Is Advanced Booking Necessary For Photography?

It’s always advisable to give as much notice as possible prior to a project but depending on scale and specification, we will try to accommodate as short a turnaround as possible. Should you already have your product samples prepared then a straightforward lookbook can be produced in less than a week, however, larger projects sometimes take a few months to plan and execute. To ensure you don’t miss out, especially if it is an urgent project,  please get in touch for dates as soon as possible.

Will I Require Extra Consent To Have A Photoshoot in Newark?

Bryony Photography can expertly advise you on what will be required based on your brief or concept and can both apply for permits and search locations on your behalf. If the need arises to hire a private location or apply for council permits to shoot in public spaces, it is often determined by the size and scale of the project.

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Nottinghamshire Professional Photography For Amazon

The power of imagery should never be understated. The way we visualise things is a predominant feature of our overall perception. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to shopping. We rely on pictures and therefore, the onus is on the quality of the picture to ultimately get the sale. Yes, price will dictate some customers but overall, the key component is what the product looks like. Amazon knows this, the consumers know it and most importantly for us, our clients know it. Photography has become the focal point and often the difference-maker when selling products so it’s imperative you get this right.

Amazon’s growth across the board is unheralded and naturally, their standards now match their substantial place in the market. No longer are average, made at home efforts acceptable but the entire company’s professional evolution now places them as a high-end leader. Image quality can dictate the listing position and will be the first thing that stands out to a consumer when comparing rival products. 

Guidelines For Amazon Photo Allowance

Currently, Amazon restricts sellers to 7 images per product. Where appropriate, we usually mix these up with a selection of lifestyle photos and white background images. To further enhance a product, we also provide a model service to bring the product to life and allow customers to see it in a different light. This may sound extravagant but our bank of semi-professional models can add a touch of class to the product without breaking the bank. They are reliable and more cost-effective than the £500 a day professionals whilst ultimately doing the same job.

What Can A Professional Amazon Photographer Offer?

We value professional photography so highly that we offer the same quality of images to our Amazon clients as we do to our advertising clients. Photography is the heartbeat of your website and a single image can be the difference between pushing a customer away or giving them the final nudge to part with their money. The ability to retain huge amounts of visual information should be exploited and the most efficient way of doing this is by using professional photography. Amazon’s listings have a zoom function that allows for 2000 px images to be shown, so any shoddy edges, dirty backgrounds or poor composition will be identified quickly and the buyer will have moved onto a rival within seconds.

To avoid this trap, simply build your site around your product imagery with professional pictures highlighting each feature and maximising the selling potential. By displaying the highest quality images across every touchpoint you will exude professionalism and ensure that the visual communication of your e-commerce business is a fundamental feature.

Are Sales Affected By Professional Amazon Photography?

Professional photographs and images portray a degree of excellence that amateur pictures just cannot get across to the buyer. One single professional image can instantly tell a consumer that a company takes pride in its presentation which in itself is priceless. The image quality can speak for itself when showcasing your products and services installing the brand’s reputability in the mind of the client. Professional imagery will give assurance to the potential customer and provide a first impression a lacklustre amateur effort cannot compete with. The long and short of it is that the better quality of your product photographs the more sales you will generate. 

How Good Photography Can Enhance Your Ecommerce Business

  • A Picture speaks a thousand words
  • Conversions increased by quality images
  • Build your brand and make your website more attractive
  • Multi-purpose usage including social media, email, blog, print etc.
  • Social media engagements will multiply

 Product Photography

The fear of the unknown is extremely powerful and you’ll need to combat the customer not having the product in front of them in any way possible. This is where quality of image comes in. The clarity and detail of the photography used is the substitute for the consumer not physically having it in their hands so it needs to be on point to remove the anxiety for shoppers. Visual information portrayed in a picture is a crucial element of modern day selling.

Fashion Photography Nottinghamshire

Bryony Photography is versatile enough to be able to provide quality photography for various requirements. We can adapt to brand campaigns for fashion or sports and can cover editorials for magazines and newspapers. Our expertise allows us to adopt a flexible approach and support many different specifications.

Are You a Studio or Location Based Photographer? 

We offer both and are knowledgeable and experienced specialists in each area. Bryony Photographers can guide you towards which one would suit you best if you are unsure of what to do. We usually find that the biggest difference in the setting for the shoot is whether or not the client wants to sell the brand ethos or the actual product itself. The former being more suited to flexible location work and the latter best fitting in the studio where a controlled environment is ideal for lookbooks, ecommerce or web banners.

Nottingham Based Fashion Photographer With Experience 

With over 10 years experience in the industry, Bryony Photography has built up valuable experience with some of the biggest brands whilst maintaining important links with smaller start-ups too. Featured names include Flannels, Puma and House Of Fraser to name but a few satisfied clients. Our adaptability has seen us pick up extensive knowledge and a unique skillset to be able to cater for all requirements and challenges no matter the size of your business.

Bryony Photography’s Fashion Photography Range  

·       Lookbook photography

·       Fashion photography

·       Brand photography

·       Ecommerce photography

·       Editorial shoots

·       Athleisure Photoshoots

Is It Just Digital or Film You Provide?

We endeavor to supply whatever the customer needs so we are capable of providing both digital and film photography. Bryony Photography does not offer film as standard but can provide 35mm film and the subsequent development of it for an additional charge. Please consider this if you are pondering an analogue project and don’t hesitate to ask us about all our unique photography options.

Is a Fashion Shoot Time-Consuming? 

Bryony Photography can provide you with a more accurate estimate upon receiving the specifications of your project but the general time is worked out on a few different aspects. These include the number of different sets required to achieve your images, the type of imagery you are looking to achieve and then the elements of prep time for hair and make on top of the amount of outfits and products you have. 

If you allow 30-60 minutes per outfit and anticipate a minimum of an hour for hair and make-up rough estimation would be 10-36 products being squeezed into a full day’s shooting however we have completed shoots with more efficient numbers previously.

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Photography Services Nottingham

Bryony Photography offers a wide range of services and will produce high-quality images, within budget and before any set deadline you have. Our versatile team works indoors and outdoors to match the specifications of each client so whatever you need, we can supply it. From Influencer fashion shots to corporate branding, Bryony Photography does it all. 

Bryony Photography Nottingham Offers These Photography Services 

·       Corporate Headshots

·       Actors Headshots

·       Interior Photography

·       Real Estate Photography

·       Influencer Photography

·       Fashion Photography

·       Product Photography

·       Reportage Photography

·       Campaign Photography

What Are Nottingham Photography Price Ranges? 

You can expect interior photography to cost around £200-£350 and headshots are usually in the region of £70-£120. Sizeable brand campaigns can start at 3k rising up to over 75k scale depending on the variables involved. Bryony Photography can offer expert advice on how to maximise the return on your budget. We won’t sacrifice any quality and will guide you towards the best option for your desired project finish. There are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of your photography package and each will fluctuate depending on individual size and scale. Each specification will differ on every job so it is hard to predict but be mindful of any time needed for pre-production planning, how much time is required on-site and the amount of retouching will be involved. All of which will contribute to the final cost of the project.

Is Photography Value for Money?

When you consider every aspect that combines to produce the final image or film then there is no doubt that you get what you pay for with Bryony Photography. There are so many elements involved behind the scenes that are the foundation of each photography project. 

The photographer has to pay expenses out of their fee for a whole host of things you may not have considered. Photographic assistants and prep assistants wages if extra crew members are needed and that is on top of insurance, equipment and travel. Permits, locations and models all add to the cost so before you know it, the photographer isn’t actually taking home the bulk of the fee.

By paying for a professional photography project, you don’t just get the photographer with the fee. The value for money is reflected in the surrounding areas that only a professional can bring. You get their knowledge, skill and experience plus valuable access to their industry contact list which would otherwise be unattainable.

How Are Professional Photography Images Used?

Bryony Photography will always go through all usage options during the initial briefing consultation so we can establish exactly what your specific end-user needs are before proceeding. We do not limit any of the final deliverables but do expect clients to show us the courtesy by abiding by ‘fair usage’. By this we mean, a headshot produced can be used for company purposes on a website, staff board or even a personal LinkedIn profile however it wouldn’t be appropriate to use it to promote any social activity they may participate in on the weekends for example. By all means, contact us for any image use queries.

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Product Photographers Nottinghamshire

You should never underestimate the influence imagery has on the mind and in particular the decisions we make. The power a picture can have over a consumer is invaluable to a seller, if you get it right your profits will soar. However, a poor picture can have an adverse effect and your product could be the best on the market but unless it is captured correctly it will struggle. Bryony Photography can enhance the visual aspect of a product with high-spec quality and definition that will leave the consumer in no doubt about the product they see before them and subconsciously nudge them towards a purchase.

Can a Photography Agency Benefit Me? 

The obvious advantage is that you will receive a much higher quality of image than you could produce yourself. Along with the production and distribution, you also get multipurpose imagery for use on different platforms, something an amateur cannot guarantee. Bryony Photography has a low scale operation and small overheads enabling us to set our prices lower than our competitors. So by choosing us you will make a huge saving without compromising on quality. With over ten years experience working with large retailers and producing high volume like a full-service commercial outfit, we have proven that we punch well above our weight in the industry and back our work against that of anyone. 

Bryony Photography Provides These Product Photography Services in Nottinghamshire 

  • Creative Still Life Photography
  • Lifestyle Product Photography
  • Conceptual Advertising Photography
  • Amazon Ready Photography
  • Creative Flatlay Photography
  • Glassware Photography
  • Ghost Mannequin Photography
  • Ecommerce Photography

Do I Need to Have Product Samples Before Booking Product Photography? 

Even if you aren’t in a position to book a specific shoot date, you will need to start preparation and have a rough idea of timescales for completion and potential launch dates. Bryony Photography will happily assist with both of these and help you with your photography requirements whilst you wait for samples from your manufacturer which depending on location, can take weeks or months.

Is Keeping the Launch a Secret Possible?

Once you inform us that you need a ‘Hard Launch’ then we have the experience and expertise to put the measures in place to fulfil this requirement. Our proven systems and processes having worked with several big-name brands over the years are designed to ensure there are no leaks. Bryony Photography has executed the successful hard launch of top branded football boots and coordinated celebrity collaboration launches without a hitch by incorporating specialist safety precautions to protect the identity of the products involved.

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Air bnb photography in Nottingham

Great quality property photography is the cornerstone of getting bookings for your serviced accommodation. Clear, high definition photography which showcases your property’s USPs and highlights its key features will undoubtably increase your booking rates. 

What is included in professional photography for Serviced accomodation?

You might be wondering what the benefits of hiring a professional photographer for your new Air Bnb. Lets run through some of the elements which make professional photography that little bit EXTRA:

·      High spec Camera Equipment

Professional grade camera equipment is used to photograph your property in perfectly exposed high definition.

·      Wide angle lenses

Wide angle lenses are utilised to capture each room corner to corner. These shots alongside close up shots of details and textures give the potential vacationer a detailed and sensory experience of the serviced accomodation listing.

·      The perfect light

We balance flash and daylight, alongside the ambient lights from the property to accentuate the properties features. Whether that is a light and airy space or rustic and moody we can light your Aribnb to showcase it in it’s best light. (Pun intended) .

·      Angles and Compositions

Bryony Photography will work to your brief to capture key elements of your serviced accommodation property showing off it’s USPs from the most pleasing angles.

Why Bryony Photography? 

Bryony Photography has 10 years experience photographing everything from High-end commercial properties in the retail sector, to Real Estate projects for estate agencies and serviced accommodation properties for Airbnb. 

What should I budget for a Serviced Accomodation Photography? 

The cost of property photography can range dependant on the size and location of the property itself. For an average Airbnb property, you will likely be looking at paying between £75-£120, with larger homes potentially coming in at around £500. 

Will do I need to plan for Airbnb Photography?

It’s a good idea to have some idea of key areas you would like to capture. Whether you require a single type of photography, or whether you would like to have 360 photography and video also executed at the same time. 

It also worth thinking about the property styling. If you would like to style the property prior to us photographing it, or if you would like for us to style it for you. 

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Professional Real Estate Photography that Sells Houses

Did you know that 95% of people searching for a new home begin their search online? That’s a pretty crazy statistic,  but with the rise of the real estate Goliaths like Rightmove and Zoopla, the UK real estate market is moving much more toward a US style online ecommerce model. (Source)

In the ecommerce model, the photography sells the product. Great property photography is key here. Quality imagery of styled rooms catches the eye of the buyer, and multipled detailed shots of the vendors property gets your buyer in the door for a viewing. 

Bryony photography offers great quality property photography to local estate agents, with a proven track record of getting QUICK SALES based on exceptional photography, with some properties being SOLD STC within 24 hours of going live with our imagery. 

How does professional photography differ from standard estate agency photography?

Many estate agencies are still using the old school technique of sending a junior lettings/ sales manager out to photograph the properties, perhaps they will have a semi decent camera, with an intuitive auto function which will take a semi decent picture. This has previously been a perfectly acceptable way to list properties, however, with the rise in online selling, the ever increasing house prices, and more of a push towards high end listings – vendors expect more from their agency. Most homeowners are aware of the options with self selling, and the rise of the flat fee listings, and expect traditional agencies to really work to earn their 1-2% of sales. What better way to show the vendors that you are going the extra mile than by hiring a professional photographer and showcasing the property using high end imagery. 

Bryony Photography has years of experience in shooting high-end residential and commercial property photography and we offer this a very reasonable price. 

What does professional photography include?

Without a doubt professional photography stands out from the crowd on property listing sites, but most people couldn’t put their finger on why this is. Lets run through some of the elements which make professional photography that little bit EXTRA:

·      Professional Camera Equipment

High resolution imagery created by high spec, professional grad camera equipment. This means every detail is captured flawlessly, in high definition with exceptional colour grades to make the imagery pop.

·      Lenses that capture the widest angles

Wide angle lenses that can capture even the smallest of box rooms from corner to corner, giving the potential buyers the information they need to book a viewing, whilst making properties feel spacious and welcoming.

·      Balancing light

Professional photographers are able to control the amount and direction of light, utilising existing light sources such as windows and fitted lights & lamps, combined with additional flash lighting to create light and airy spaces out of even the dingiest of rooms.

·      Composition and angles

We are able to identify and show the best angles and compositions for each and every real estate shoot, showcasing each property in its best light (no pun intended).

·      The money shot is in the kurb appeal

At Bryony Photography, we understand the significance of capturing that PERFECT main shot for a real estate listing. That single main shot is the key to getting clicks through to the main listing page, so we ensure exceptional high definition, perfectly exposed shots with soft blue skies. 

How much does professional real estate photography cost?

Here at bryony photography, we want every property to get the level of attention to detail and exceptional professional photography, so we try to keep our pricing reasonable enough that it can be easily rolled into the package price without costing the estate agents too much from their bottom line. A standard property photography package starts at £75, which includes the retouched images delivered via cloud storage.

What areas does Bryony Photography cover? 

At bryony photography, we cover the whole of Nottinghamshire

Get in touch today to discuss your options for real estate photography.

Midlands Photography Services

Whether you are requiring a lookbook for your new fashion range, or interior photography for an Air Bnb, bryony Photography can help you achieve great quality results, on budget and to your timeline. 

What photography services in the midlands does bryony photography provide?

  • Corporate Headshots
  • Actors Headshots
  • Interior Photography
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Influencer Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Reportage Photography
  • Campaign Photography

How much will photography cost? 

The cost of projects can vary quite a lot depending on the specifications of each individual project, including the amount of time needed for pre-production planning, how much time is required onsite, how much retouching will involved. Headshots can cost in the region of £70-£120, with interior photography coming in at around £200-350 and large scale brand campaigns being anywhere between £3k-75k depending on the scale of the project.

 Bryony Photography can help guide you to getting the most out of your budget whilst achieving your desirable outcomes. 

Why is photography so expensive?

When you hire a professional photographer, you are paying for their experience, their knowledge, their contacts and all the additional perks that come along with this. 

Its also worth bearing in mind that what you pay doesn’t all go into the photographers pocket, remember, you may have additional costs for models, locations, permits, on top of this the photographer has expenses for equipment, travel, insurances and potentially other crew members such as prep assistants and photographic assistants. 

How can I use the images?

In the briefing stage of the project, we will discuss the usage options for your project so we can ensure that you have the final deliverables suitable for your end usage needs. At Bryony Photography we do not limit the usage of your images based on time, but we do request that you stick within the guidelines of “fair usage”, for example if we photograph a headshot for an employee of a company, that employee may use that image for their linkedin profile, but would not be allowed to use the headshot in the inside cover of a new crime thriller they had written in their spare time. If you have any questions about image usage then please get in touch.

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