House of Fraser Christmas – Case Study

Rather than using models for the ‘Over to Ours’ campaign, we shot fashion influencers in the comfort of their own homes. The concept being that the influencers are inviting customers ‘over to theirs’ to be inspired by House of Fraser’s Christmas fashion and beauty offerings.  Capturing off guard moments aimed

BRKE Retouch Project

Here’s a little retouching project i had on recently. This was for a single cover for singer BRKE (pronounced Brooke). The original image is below (i’ve pixelated it, to retain her modesty), but you get the idea, its a simple white background shot of her wearing a green jacket. The

The Longest Day Ever….

I just wanted to share a little anecdote which was so super bizarre that i couldn’t help but share. My team and I have just returned from a 4 day shoot with for fashion retailers Christmas campaign. I will update this post once the images are released. We travelled round

Case Study – Kinfolk Shoot – Georgia

I have been feeling a bit restless recently from having a lot of still life shoots on. I LOVE shooting still life… there is something so wonderfully serene about just pootling along in a room on my own, arranging beautiful products in natural light or the studio, or executing complicated

Why You Should Stay Scared

Why should you stay scared? No, I don’t mean scared like the bubbling undercurrent of impending doom brought on by every single action taken by the current sitting president of the United States. Nor do i mean the utter terror i feel encountering any kind of spider , except this

Case Study – Puma SS18

Big brands are, quite rightly, protective of their image and what you produce on a shoot it representative of them and their vision, ethos and identity. It is so ultimately important that, as a photographer, what you produce is in line with this whilst also maintaining your own identity and

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Natural Light Photography

The Natural Light Versus Studio Light debate is always a fiery one. Some photographers are firmly in their indoor camp surrounded by their studio flash, a fort of softboxes with a diffuser brolly roof. Whilst others wander freely in nature, warmed by the sun and weighed by only their camera.

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