Top Types of Professional Photography

Most photographers specialise in a genre. Like any profession, photographers tend to specialise in specific areas of the industry and hone their craft towards a particular genre. Most photographers will dabble in every genre but only specialise in a handful. For instance, i do not shoot weddings professionally. Ever. No

body shop body butter flatlay with sunflower and lilly

How to Get the Most Out of Your Lifestyle Imagery

Are you wanting to market your brand on social media. Social media presence now is the bread and butter of your brands presence. As a startup, or SME, this is where you will reach a lot of people on a budget. Maybe you are struggling to work out how to

5 Reasons to Use a Professional Photographer

Everyone knows a hobbyist photographer with a new(ish) DSLR, or a fancy mirrorless that takes a nice snap. The temptation for small brands, and startup businesses to use their mate that likes taking pictures is undeniable. This mate will be cheap, or FREE, and their instagram looks pretty cool, right?

WW2 Test shoot – Vintage fashion photography

I don’t normally take on Test Shoots very often, but occasionally one comes along that you just cannot refuse. The make up artist Bianca had posted on a facebook group requesting a vintage fashion photographer and models for a WW2 look that she had been wanting to do. Now, i’m

zoe thresher beach towel flare photography tenerife

Beach Wear Tenerife – Lifestyle Brand Campaign photography

What goes on behind the scenes to create an awesome spring/summer beach campaign? There is something about a Beach Shoot that just brings out the best in everyone. Maybe it’s all the vitamin D, or the post-shoot beers sat outside a bar in the warmth, or maybe it’s just that

Case Study – Ecommerce photography High End Tech Products

I was actually contacted for this project after originally being ‘rejected’ in favour of another product lifestyle photographer. that photographer didn’t get back to the client promptly and so they got in touch with me. I could offer product lifestyle photography with: A fast turnaround Great prices Great quality photography for

Lifestyle photography and Ecommerce photography for Supplements

Here is a recent project i worked as a product lifestyle photographer on for a new supplement brand. The brief was to explore the the two polar opposites of the two supplements within lifestyle imagery and create consistent ecommerce ‘amazon ready’ imagery for them also. Relax – A herbal supplement to

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