Lux Light – Game Changing Modifiers

Good Studio Flash lighting is Imperative for any professional fashion photographer, professional beauty photographer or still life photographer.

I have recently been lucky enough to be in receipt of two absolutely incredible modifiers by a new photographic brand Lux Light

These are Pop light modifiers for bowens mount lighting. Now i know that bowens have gone bust – #RIPBOWENS but the fabulous Godox ranges are bowens fit so they are keeping the S ring alive and kicking.

(Speaking of the Godox Ranges, in short they’re great. Wildly cheaper than Profoto, but with essentially all the same features…. maybe i’ll do a separate post about these)


Anyway, back to the LUX light range :

Globe – for portraits, interior photography and fashion photography.

– The perfect All-Rounder! (no pun intended)

I don’t want to sound too eager, but i think this globe may have changed my life a little bit.

Unlike standard soft boxes which require building, the globe pops open with one push and hooks on a catch to remain open. One push of a button and it can be closed again.

It took me a couple of practice goes trying to get it to stay up because i didn’t realise that there was a button… duh! but once i got it to stay up (oi oi!) it works incredibly well.

The globe is perfect for location photography work, as transporting it is very easy. it also comes in its own heavy duty carrier case. As a photographer who does a lot of location photography and outdoor brand campaign photo work, this is truly a gift. so easily portable.

It gives a super soft dispersed light with large round catchlights, which is excellent for portrait and beauty work. The 360 ability of this light makes it equally perfect for interior photography or can be used as a all round fill. Perfect for the portrait and beauty photographer. Here is one of the shots i have used this modifier for:


Softly lit portait of Sohie-Jade using the Lux Light Globe

On a product front, it arrived very quickly, was packaged well, and It appears to be very well made, and quite sturdy.

This light is definitely now a staple of my photography kit.

If you’re interested in getting one of these bad boys for your portrait or interior work, you can buy them Here.


Strip Softbox – for product shots & skim lights on models.

I have previously been a loyal customer of calumet, then Wex for all my photographic needs. Lux Lights has definitely changed that.

This soft box is a fraction of the price of the big retailers, and is sooo much better.
It Pops up in seconds like a brolly, so no more awkward and time-consuming building of softboxes.
This strip soft box gives a much softer directional light than most thanks to the diffuser panel inner.
Its very lightweight, so doesn’t put any strain on the angle joint of your flash head, and is great for location work.

And it comes with grids so you don’t have to purchase them separately!
(it also came with a cute little grey card pack as a little present.)

I’m definitely going to get another one of these to even out my skim lights on subjects.


Lux lights  are perfect for:

Portrait Photography

Actors Headshots

Brand Campaigns

Location Photography

Fashion Photography



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