vintage 35 mm russian camera on red

Why is Professional Photography the most fun career

This was initially going to be a post about testing a few different bits of kit that i have added to my stash recently, but then it dawned on me that i was just writing about how fun this all is… so i’m doing a slight sidestep and changing the post to being just about how great it is to be a professional photographer. I will also touch a little bit on the boring bits… for balance.

I see a lot of blogs posts and articles about ‘how to be a freelance photographer” or “how to be a successful photographer” but i dont think i’ve seen any posts that detail WHY you should want to be a professional photographer…. so here it is… My top favourite things about being a freelance professional photographer.

Professional Photography is Creative

Being a professional photographer means constantly pushing yourself to think up new ideas, or new takes on old ideas, or trying out different techniques. I am a super creative soul anyway, so even if you took away the photography and i went to do accounting for a corporate; i would still be making things out of clay, playing the piano, singing, painting etc. in my spare time. Being a professional photographer just means that i get to do this for my main just too. And it’s not just the actual photography and lighting, its set dressing for lifestyle photography, creative solving problems (such as buying car dent repair putty to fix the mannequins and learning how to do that…. yes that is currently happening.) learning how to market yourself in new ways, and putting content out there to get yourself seen.

Professional Product Photographers sometimes get to keep the samples.

I would say on average that i get to keep abut 60% of the products i shoot when i am working on product only work. My track record for Brand Campaign Photography has been a little more thin on the ground unfortunately, with a grand total of about 1 top being gifted because i had ruined my own clothes by getting in the sea.

It’s not something to necessarily expect, but its a lovely little perk when it does happen – especially when you really love the products.

Some of the products include, make up, water bottles, shampoo, electric toothbrushes, supplements, baby products (i dont have a baby… but still), photography equipment… etc…

Freelance Photographers NEED* Expensive Equipment

I feel the need to immediately caveat this with the fact that you can be a professional photographer without having all the top spec state of the art newest kit. There are plenty of photographers who have found their niche shooting with iPhones, polaroid, or older kit. However, it is one of the perks of being a successful freelance photographer that you are able to justify getting yourself new bits of kit and then testing them out in as many crazy ways as you can!

Photographers Meet Incredibly Talented People

Though the industry is big, it is also a very small world and people tend to meet each other and get to know each other along the way. Being a professional photographer means you get to work with incredible talented teams of people. You meet other photographers, videographers, models, agencies, brand managers and many more – all these people help you grow as a creative and increase your connections even further. They also make it mad fun to shoot.

Professional Photographers Travel All over the World

I may be exaggerating with the “all over the world” thing. Most brands have budget restrictions which means you end up in Tenerife more often than not. But you do get to travel around quite a lot – and you’re not stuck in the office all the time.

On the flip side of that – as a freelance photographer you do get to be home quite a bit which sure as shit beats being in a corporate office all the time.


The boring bits – Admin

  • Expenses
  • Accounting
  • Marketing – kind of boring
  • Legals
  • Charging equipment up




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