Parabolic Softbox Review – Lux light

So first off i want to say that i absolutely LOVE all the luxlight products i’ve got. The simplicity of being able to put them up in minutes its soooo great and makes set up and pack up of sets a lot quicker than your standard soft boxes.

This Parabolic is HUGE

Like….Really huge. I could have a camping holiday in it. Purely because of the size, I would say its probably not for the hobbyist photographer wanting to set up a small home studio, and not for using on any inconspicuous projects where you’re trying to shoot under the radar.

spaniel for scale

If you’re a professional photographer, or have a nice big studio then this is a great addition to your modifiers. It also packs up nice and small for travelling.

Cartoon Catchlights

The light quality from this soft box is glorious. both soft and hard edged at the same time. The depth of the parabolic ensures a lovely gradual drop off on the subject and a gentle transition in tonality. It also creates huge cartoon-like catchlights which I adore.

Large catchlights in eyes

This is a really versatile modifier which would be suitable for portraits, beauty, product and fashion work.

Despite this modifier being quite lightweight, due to the shape and size it puts a little bit of pressure on the kit its attached to, but I didn’t have any problems with my Godox AD600Pros with bowens light stands as long as everything is tightened up properly.

If you’re going to use it outdoors, you would want to have a number of sandbags to hold everything down because I think a slight breeze would send this flying like a hot air balloon.

Will i use this every day? Logistically, Probably not.

Will i WANT to use it every day? Absolutely, and I will be trying to find excuses to use it all the time.

Example images using the parabolic soft box and a lux light strip soft box as a skim.


asain bridal shoot - parabolic softboxAsian Bridal hair

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