Photographers in the North… or Midlands


London. London.


All we hear in this industry is that London is where you have to be.

Don’t get me wrong, I love London… for a weekend away.

But with the ever increasing prices of Real Estate in london, the cost of running a southern based business is astonishing, and all those costs are filtered down. Everyone from retailers, to freelancers are charging huge prices to try and maintain the status quo.

There is no reason why you can’t get the same level of quality photography, retouching and graphic design in the North.

The Fashion and Retail industry is booming in the North with major retail head offices



The Arcadia Group

Sports Direct


For the full list, take a look here.

Creativity is alive and well in the north, and can be much cheaper than it’s southern counterparts.

With so much of what we do being online in nature, Social, Ecommerce, location is much less important for the accessibility of your business… but location is very important financially.

Being open to remote / mobile freelancers is so important for your business.

Imagine the cost savings if you outsourced all the following to The North (God THE NORTH… It sounds like the Game Of Thrones, well… winter is coming.)

Social Photography

Lifestyle imagery for emails / instore pos / web banners

Destination photography for Brand Campaigns


Remote Photography Services

Having a remote photography service to provide your business with Ecommerce, Social and web campaigns can massively reduce cost. And having a freelancer with a proven track record means you can rest assured that your projects will be completed before the deadline and to the highest imaginable standard.




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