Planning for your Product Photography Session

Choosing your Products for photography

Perhaps you are a startup with a single or small product offering, or perhaps you are a large product ranges. You will need to choose your products to match your brand identity, marketing goals and stock levels. This goes hand in hand with the next section….

Finding your photography Inspiration

Using google, pinterest or magazines, have a look for images which have the same look that you want. Research what competitors are doing and find similar product offerings to see how they are being represented. Your product ofefering should feed into your moodboard, and your moodboard should inform your product choices if you have a large offering to choose from.

If you are really stuck on what sort of look you should be going for, then please get in touch and i can help you with your concepts.

Photography Props and Backgrounds

Your moodboard will help give you an idea of what kind of backgrounds and props you should be using. I have a wide selection of background textures, and boards including, tiles, wooden textures and coloured cards, along with many unbranded props.

You will want to choose props which eventuate your concept, work alongside the chosen backgrounds, and tie in to your chosen colour scheme.

Photoshoot Locations

I have a small studio which is perfectly catered to shooting lifestyle product images, and ecommerce work. I also have beautiful outdoor areas, with a grassed area, an old barn, a vintage petrol pump and an orchard – all of which give great textures for rustic projects.

However, if you have large volumes, heavy items or you would prefer to shoot at your own location then i can travel to you.

If you are wanting to shoot on location but you dont have one yourself, then please get in touch and i will be happy to recommend some excellent location agencies.

Also, you may be surprised to discover that many Air Bnb’s are more than happy to rent out their properties for photoshoots.

Photoshoot Costs

A product photoshoot can take 30minutes to a week or even month, so it’s nearly impossible to give full costings for shoots without having all the details in place. Check out my blog post with a little experiment about Why Price Matters in Photography.

I do, however, have a very transparent costing format so my clients can be safe in the knowledge that they are getting a good bang for their buck.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your potential product photography project then head over the the contact form or drop an email to:

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