Headshot Photography Nottingham

Though my genres of photography are normally Fashion, Beauty and Product – i do love a good headshot.

It’s a great way to meet great local businesses, and it’s interesting working with people who are perhaps not used to being in front of a camera.

Corporate Headshot Photographer in Nottingham

With a portable studio setup, a quality headshot can be completed with minimal fuss in your office space. All i need is a blank wall, or suitable backdrop area for your headshot.

Theses shots of the guys at Lithium 3 IT recruitment were taken in their board room at their offices in nottingham.

Headshot Photography near Newark

I love working with local small businesses to give them great quality corporate headshots for a reasonable price. Allowing even startups to get great quality professional looking profile shots for :

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

My recent client even said that they will be putting their headshot on their business card, which was a revelation to me… how often do you go networking and retrospectively can’t put faces to the names on your cards. It seems like such a simple solution to that problem, but i had never considered it. Headshots can be cutout so they are ‘design ready’ to go onto any coloured background.

Fashion Portrait Photography

Perhaps a traditional corporate headshot doesn’t float your boat and you’re looking for something more informal for your profile shots. Bryony Photography has 10 years experience shooting many different Genres of photography, so whether it’s a quirky fun profile shot, action shots of you working, or something different, we can offer you a headshot to stand out from the crowd.

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