Product Photography – Bamboo Coffee Cups

I was recently asked to produce some imagery for a startup brand in eco coffee cups made from bamboo.

It’s always so nice as a photographer when you get really great quality products to shoot. Its a dream working with super cute, functional and eco products.

The brief for the coffee cups was to produce ecommerce photography, studio lifestyle shots and some shots of the products “in situ” like a coffee shop.

Ecommerce Product Photography

First step was the ecommerce shots. Photographed using a two light set up in a light tent to create a nice even lighting across the product, and flagging around the sides and top to give a fine definition to the edges of the product.

These images are all Cutout to a pure white background, with shadowing where appropriate to “ground” the product. These are what you would consider to be “amazon ready” ecommerce shots.

Studio Lifestyle Photography

The next element of this project that was requested were some lifestyle flatlays done in a studio style with some themed props and cute styling.

These were shot directly after the ecommerce shots, again using two lights, but without the tent, and using more of a Key light with Fill light setup.

I went with similar colour palettes to the products themselves, pink for pink, neutrals for the vintage brown and indigo for the blue. I also did some group shots on white with all the accessories as requested by the client.

I really enjoy doing this kind of flatlay work. Using cute props and background textures to pull out the key USPs of a product is totally my jam.

Lifestyle Product Photography on Location

The last part of this project was to photograph the products in situ in a coffee shop.

Part of the challenge here was finding a coffee shop that embodied the feel of the eco cups. I didnt want anything to modern or anything which looked too much like a big corporate chain. Luckily i found a gorgeous little coffee shop and can near me which has beautiful reclaimed wooden furniture and quirky features. They also happen to do a wonderful smashed avocado on toast.

I didn’t want these to look too perfect and stylised, but wanted them to have more of an organic and authentic feel, so i utilised natural window light for all the shots and changed the ambience of the shots by the direction of shooting: back-lit, side-lit, front-lit.

I took a handful of props with me, and also utilised item the coffee shop had already along with some gorgeous food bits like cakes.

All in all, i can think of much less enjoyable projects to work on!

If you’re interested in checking out these gorgeous Eco Cups, head on over to Bambusa to pick them up at an amazing price of £11.95 and help the environment whilst also getting your caffeine kick.

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