Midlands Product Photographers

In the words of Hannibal Lecter, “we covet what we see”, and this is never more true than in the world of retail and ecommerce. The visual aspect of shopping makes up the vast majority of the decision making process about deciding whether to buy or not. Quality Product photography is the key to kickstarting this process. You can have the best products in the world, but unless they look as great as they are, you’re going to struggle. 

Should I use a full service commercial photographer? 

Here at Bryony Photography, we have the experience of a full service commercial outfit, with 10 years experience managing high volume photography studio for large retailers, but we are a smaller operation with lower overheads, enabling us to keep costs down and pass on that saving to you. 

What type of product photography do you offer? 

·      Creative Still Life Photography

·      Lifestyle Product Photography

·      Conceptual Advertising Photography

·      Amazon Ready Photography

·      Creative Flatlay Photography

·      Glasswear Photography

·      Ghost Mannequin Photography

·      Ecommerce Photography

I haven’t got product samples yet, can I still book product photography? 

Depending on the location of your manufacturer, lead times on product samples can range from a couple of weeks to several months, so whilst it is still a good idea to be considering your photography requirements, you may not be quite ready to book in an actual shoot date. Bryony Photography can work with you to book in a realistic timescale for your project completion whilst keeping in mind your product launch dates. 

I am organising a hard product launch, how do I keep my products secret?

Bryony Photography has a long history of working with big brand names who often have Hard launches whereby the products are not “Revealed” at all until the launch dates. Think football boots, and celebrity collab launches. Because we are used to working in this way, we can put safety precautions in place to ensure that there are no leaks surrounding your product photography, you just have to make sure you let us know that it is a Hard Launch. 

Contact Bryony Photography

If you are ready to start planning your product photography project then Get In Touch today. You can also check out Product Photography Portfolio, or like our Facebook Page for updates. 

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