Nottingham Model Photographers

Model Photography Is utilised in many different ways, whether it is demonstrating a products functionality, showcasing a fashion range or bumping up social media offerings. 

What Model Photography style are popular at the moment? 

Model photography is a dichotomy at the moment, with one end of the spectrum being very authentic and natural shots with minimal retouching and natural style lighting, and the other end of the spectrum being highly stylised imagery with heavy retouching and perfected tones. Street style photography is ever fashionable with the influencer crowd and pastel colours are finding their way into studio photography.

Will I need to hire a studio for model photography? 

Bryony Photography has a small studio based outside Newark, which can comfortably accommodate model photography and hair and make up for small scale projects. On our initial briefing we will identify what sort of imagery would suit your project, and make a plan for how this can be accomplished, whether you need a studio, or if this can be shot on site, or on location.

What model photography services does Bryony Photography Provide?

  • Studio beauty photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Brand photography
  • Ecommerce photography
  • Model portfolio shoots
  • Actors Headshots

How quickly can I get my model photography completed?

Dependant on availability, we can turnaround model projects very quickly. With 10 years experience and great contacts in the industry, we have everything ready to go. With lead times of a few days from receipt of the products to delivery of images. If you are working on a fast turnaround deadline then please let us know when you get in touch and we will endeavour to get your project completed to the deadlines. 

Contact Bryony Photography

Get In Touch today to discuss your model photography project. You can also check out our Model Photography Portfolio, or like our Facebook Page for updates. 

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