Remote Product Photography UK

Britain is going through serious changes at the moment, due to the coronavirus lockdown. Ecommerce is king and physical retail is out. Here at Bryony photography, we have 10 years experience in ecommerce and lifestyle product photography, so are uniquely placed to help you during this period.  

What options do I have for remote photography services?

Bryony Photography offer a wide range of remote photography services to help out your business during this period, including the following:

·     Remote Ecommerce Photography

·     Remote Product Photography

·     On- site (Social Distancing) photography

·     Amazon ready Image editing

·     Remote Mannequin Photography

·     Flatlay Photography

·     Digital T-shirt Mock ups

·     Supplier image resizing

·     Photography tutorials 

How do I photograph products for my webshop? 

Whether you are a seasoned professional at running a webshop or this is your first time trying to take your retail business online. This experience has probably driven home the importance of a solid web presence for your ecommerce and social. 

Bryony photography can handle all aspects of your products photography, from steaming to editing and uploading images. Get in touch to discuss your options for your products types.

Can you offer non-contact product photography?

Bryony photography has several year’s experience offering fully remote photography services to retailers and brand globally. All communication is done via email and telephone, products are posted to the studio, the projects are completed in a timely fashion, and all imagery is supplied via cloud based sharing, along with a round of amendments should there be changes to make, and then the products are returned to the return address.

Why Use Bryony Photography?

As a small independent photographer, with large scale ecommerce experience running global photography studios for a large UK retailer, bryony photography is uniquely placed to help you with your remote photography requirements during this difficult time for your business. We can support you to help you, not only rider this storm, but use it as a spring board to evolve your business model. 

How much does remote product photography cost?

The costs for remote product photography can vary dependant on the volumes of products, the type of products requiring photography and how premium the product type is. We find that product photography can range from around £5 per product for simple high volume photography, to around £32 per product for high end jewellery photography. 

*These costs are rough estimates only and are subject to change. To discuss your specific project, please get in touch using ourcontact form

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