Photography Services During Lockdown UK

The UK looks to be continuing Lockdown in one form or another for the foreseeable future, but for those of you who are hoping to continue working on your marketing or running your ecommerce side of the business, Bryony Photography is offering remote photography services, and contact free on-site photography. With many businesses struggling under the pressure of the changing circumstances, this current situation is survival of the fittest for the high street retailer, and business who don’t evolve their approach may find themselves in extinction. It is imperative that businesses of all sizes get themselves online with great quality imagery.

Are you allowed to do photoshoots during lockdown?

If a photoshoot is currently imperative to the running of your business, such as having photos produced for an ecommerce site, then you are absolutely fine to go ahead with having a photoshoot. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend having a model shoot currently due to social distancing regulations, however it is absolutely fine to have product photography, ecommerce photography, and product flatlays / still life photography done during lockdown. 

How do I get product photography during lockdown? 

Bryony Photography is offering remote product photography for ecommerce and lifestyle shots, which is not affected by the lockdown whatsoever, aside from perhaps a slight postage delay. This is an entirely contact free service which abides by all social distancing regulations. Products are posted to the studio, they are prepped, shot and retouched all on site, and then the products are returned to you via a post and the images are delivered online via cloud storage. You can even attend the photoshoot via video call if you would like. 

Abiding by social distancing measures, we are still able to offer: 

·      Supplier image resizing

·      Amazon ready Image editing

·      Remote Mannequin Photography

·      Flatlay Photography

·      Digital T-shirt Mock ups

·      Photography tutorials 

·      Remote Ecommerce Photography

·      Remote Product Photography

·      On- site (Socially distant) photography

Are you offering freelance photography during lockdown? 

Bryony photography is still open and offering services to existing and new clients covering a whole host of different types of photography. Abiding by social distancing regulations, we are still able to offer limited on-site photography services such as, interior photography, on-site ecommerce photography, on-site corporate photography and many others. Get in touch today to discuss your options for having a socially distant photoshoot. 

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about photography service during the lockdown, Get in touch today!

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