Nottinghamshire Professional Photography For Amazon

The power of imagery should never be understated. The way we visualise things is a predominant feature of our overall perception. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to shopping. We rely on pictures and therefore, the onus is on the quality of the picture to ultimately get the sale. Yes, price will dictate some customers but overall, the key component is what the product looks like. Amazon knows this, the consumers know it and most importantly for us, our clients know it. Photography has become the focal point and often the difference-maker when selling products so it’s imperative you get this right.

Amazon’s growth across the board is unheralded and naturally, their standards now match their substantial place in the market. No longer are average, made at home efforts acceptable but the entire company’s professional evolution now places them as a high-end leader. Image quality can dictate the listing position and will be the first thing that stands out to a consumer when comparing rival products. 

Guidelines For Amazon Photo Allowance

Currently, Amazon restricts sellers to 7 images per product. Where appropriate, we usually mix these up with a selection of lifestyle photos and white background images. To further enhance a product, we also provide a model service to bring the product to life and allow customers to see it in a different light. This may sound extravagant but our bank of semi-professional models can add a touch of class to the product without breaking the bank. They are reliable and more cost-effective than the £500 a day professionals whilst ultimately doing the same job.

What Can A Professional Amazon Photographer Offer?

We value professional photography so highly that we offer the same quality of images to our Amazon clients as we do to our advertising clients. Photography is the heartbeat of your website and a single image can be the difference between pushing a customer away or giving them the final nudge to part with their money. The ability to retain huge amounts of visual information should be exploited and the most efficient way of doing this is by using professional photography. Amazon’s listings have a zoom function that allows for 2000 px images to be shown, so any shoddy edges, dirty backgrounds or poor composition will be identified quickly and the buyer will have moved onto a rival within seconds.

To avoid this trap, simply build your site around your product imagery with professional pictures highlighting each feature and maximising the selling potential. By displaying the highest quality images across every touchpoint you will exude professionalism and ensure that the visual communication of your e-commerce business is a fundamental feature.

Are Sales Affected By Professional Amazon Photography?

Professional photographs and images portray a degree of excellence that amateur pictures just cannot get across to the buyer. One single professional image can instantly tell a consumer that a company takes pride in its presentation which in itself is priceless. The image quality can speak for itself when showcasing your products and services installing the brand’s reputability in the mind of the client. Professional imagery will give assurance to the potential customer and provide a first impression a lacklustre amateur effort cannot compete with. The long and short of it is that the better quality of your product photographs the more sales you will generate. 

How Good Photography Can Enhance Your Ecommerce Business

  • A Picture speaks a thousand words
  • Conversions increased by quality images
  • Build your brand and make your website more attractive
  • Multi-purpose usage including social media, email, blog, print etc.
  • Social media engagements will multiply

 Product Photography

The fear of the unknown is extremely powerful and you’ll need to combat the customer not having the product in front of them in any way possible. This is where quality of image comes in. The clarity and detail of the photography used is the substitute for the consumer not physically having it in their hands so it needs to be on point to remove the anxiety for shoppers. Visual information portrayed in a picture is a crucial element of modern day selling.

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