Packshot Photographer in Nottinghamshire

Ecommerce photography for websites can take many forms, and as a business owner it is important to consider what your brand style suits. Perhaps you are needing standard white background photography for your listings on amazon, or perhaps you are looking for some lifestyle photography with a bit more character for your etsy shop or shopify store? Here at Bryony Photography, we have over 12 years experience in ecommerce photography for websites, and can assist you with great quality ecommerce photography to grow your business and get your customers engaged.

White Background Packshots

These are the bread and butter of ecommerce photography, and are crisp and classic version of the genre. Often used for clothing packshots, the white background product photographs are achieved by photographing product with an even lighting, and then using an image manipulation software such as photoshop to cut the product out to pure white. This gives the customer an unobstructed view and clear understanding of the product details. This type of photography is great for: Clothing Packshots, Jewellery Packshots and Product Packshots.

Lifestyle Product Packshots

Many small business owners are now opting for a more dynamic and lifestlyle approach to their Ecommerce Packshot Photography. Offering more freedom to express the brand identity, and the products personality, many shop owners see the benefit of a more creative approach to their packshot photography. Whether you opt for colourful backgrounds to make your product pop, or opt for a whimsical lifestyle flatlay to really give your products a backstory, Bryony Photogrpahy can help you give your product packshots a narrative.

How do i Find a Packshot Photographer?

Finding a packshot photographer can be tricky if you are not local to a major city, and even then, knowing who to choose is a minefield. There are a couple of major companies across the UK offering packshot photography for products and clothing in bulk for small to medium businesses. These companies are a good solution for companies with large batches of outstanding product skus, or businesses who have enough product volumes to require a large team to complete the tasks.

Choosing a Freelance Photographer

If you decide to hire a freelance photographer to cover your packshot photography, you are now left with the conundrum of who to choose. There will be many photographers local to you covering a whole host of photography genres, but it is imperative that the photographer you choose has a solid portfolio of product and still life photography. Even more preferred, is that your chosen photographer has a portfolio including a similar product type to yours. A clothing photography specialist may not have the expertise to showcase your glassware goods in their best light. If you really like the look of a photographer, but they don’t have images in their portfolio showcasing that product type, then ask if they can send you examples. Most photographers don’t show everything on their website, and may have examples of exactly what you are looking for somewhere in their asset bank.

Questions to ask a Professional Photographer

Once you have found a potential photographer, you may not know quite how to proceed if you haven’t been in this situation before. The good news is that an experienced photographer will help guide you, managing expectations and giving clear instructions on requirements versus output. However, here are some handy tips on questions to ask your potential photographer:

  • Do you have examples of similar product photography?
  • What other brands have you worked with?
  • Do you have a studio space? Or will a space be rented for the project? Or will the photographer shoot onsite in your warehouse?
  • What sort of turnaround times can we expect?
  • What are the lead times to start the project?
  • How do you plan on prepping the products? (clothing should be steamed, and tabletop product will normally need to be wiped clean of dust and debris)
  • How will the project be charged? Per product, per project, per timescale?
  • What size batches can be managed daily by the studio?
  • Is the photographer comfortable with having the client on site during the shoot?
  • What are the charges for a late cancellation?

Setting up an in-house photography department

Although, it is always more cost effective to set up an in house photography team, this can be daunting for companies who are new to taking this step. Bryony Photography can also assist businesses with setting up their in-house content teams ensuring that you have the right equipment, people and space to make the process cost effective and a smooth transition. We have 12 years expertise in managing in-house photographic and video requirements for retailers, and this can be done remotely or on site at your warehousing facility. From recruitment assistance, ensuring you have the best talent to suit your needs, through to external contracts with modelling agencies to make sure that you get the best deal – Bryony Photography will make your transition from external to in-house smooth and hassle free.

Get in Touch

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