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Fashion Photography – Firetrap

Here’s some new photography work from the Firetrap AW17 shoot.

I absolutely loved doing this shoot on location in malaga (trying to make it look as much like an american sons of anarchy theme as possible.)

The theme was a rough and ready Biker Gang where the girls are bosses.

We had such a great production team  working with The Gate who looked after us, and made sure everything ran smoothly. 

For this shoot i got to exercise my ability at working outside as a Natural light photographer. one of my favourite things to do. Shooting in the shade of the midday sun, behind some run down old buildings. Heaven.

Having to wee behind a bush… less so. but that is the glamorous life of a brand marketing photographer.

You know what is also the glamorous life of a brand marketing photographer? Early mornings.

The bikers shots below of the girl (Charlie Siddick) and guy (Ricky ) on the bike, was shot literally before the sun had even come up properly. A brand marketing photographer needs to be ready to go at the drop of a hat, because you may have set a start time of 6am… but if that light looks incredible at 5.30am…. holy shit are we shooting at 5.30am.


Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (7)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (14)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (11)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (9)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (8)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_EditorialFiretrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (5)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (3)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (12)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (10)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (2)Firetrap_Biker_Shoot_Fashion_Desert_Editorial (13)


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