Bali Shoot

I have recently been on holiday to bali –

I won’t bore you with the details of how amazing it was… but needless to say – it was great.

This post, however, isn’t a humble brag about my fab jollies; It is a post to advocate the benefits of doing Test Shoots.

I haven’t taken part in a ‘TF’ for about 6 years, for all the normal excuses: I work too hard, i’m tired, i don’t have time, i don’t want to work for free etc. etc. etc.

But something felt different about this for me. I was going to be halfway across the world , in a gorgeous country with great light and some of the most beautiful sunsets i have ever seen. It felt like a waste not to at least try to organise a shoot. So i bit the bullet and put out an ad on a modelling community on Facebook. I figured i’d put it out there, and if i get something back then great, if not then i haven’t lost anything.

Cut to a few weeks later and i’m laying on a sun lounger , languishing in the balinese heat, with a good book in one hand and a cocktail in the other and my phone is going batty. It transpires that i have a model, HMUA, Jewellery Designer and a swimwear retailer involved in the ‘TF’ shoot i have in couple of days time.

Now here is the interesting thing; i am used to doing large scale shoots, high pressure shoots, celebrity shoot, 20 minute shoots, 3 day shoots… i have done it all. You know what i have never done before in my entire career? An accidental  full scale shoot in 3 hours, with not a penny in the budget,  and only my 7 year old cheap holiday camera…. no equipment, not even a sodding reflector to my name.

I remember a story someone told me about a famous photographer – i don’t remember which one it was, but the story goes something like this (massively paraphrasing due to memory of a sea cucumber):

A famous photographer is at a restaurant of a famous Chef, the chef comes over to chat and says that he loves the photographers work and that he ‘must have an awfully expensive camera’. Later on in the evening, once the meal is finished, the Chef comes out to check how everyone found the food. The photographer responds with ‘The meal was delightful, you must have an awfully expensive oven’

So here it is – The shoot fuelled purely by Will, Skill and NO DOLLAR BILL.


Model:  Elena

HMUA: Monica  @

Jewellery Designer:


Location:  La Laguna Bali

Elena_Bali_Haywire_Beach_Photoshoot (2)_SwimwearElena_Bali_Haywire_Beach_Photoshoot (6)_SwimwearElena_Bali_Haywire_Beach_Photoshoot_SwimwearElena_Bali_Haywire_Beach_Photoshoot (1)_SwimwearElena_Bali_Haywire_Beach_Photoshoot (3)_SwimwearElena_Bali_Haywire_Beach_Photoshoot (4)_SwimwearElena_Bali_Haywire_Beach_Photoshoot (5)_Swimwear


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