Playing the “Stock” Market

I have been a Professional brand marketing photographer for over ten years now but i’ve only jut taken the first steps into producing and selling stock images.

I have spent my  professional life doing  Commercial Fashion photography, brand marketing photography, Small business Product photography in return for payment, but i have spent my personal life photographing landscapes, animals (mainly my spaniels… granted… but it still counts) portraits, food… you name it… just for fun. But what if these images taken purely for fun could earn  too?! That’s as close to a passive income as i’m going to get unless i release a Christmas smash hit and retire on the royalties.

I mostly have a camera in my hand, and the majority of my boyfriends pictures of me will attest to, including this gem here :


So i took my historical imagery from various personal moments, travel, home life etc. and i uploaded them to Adobe Stock. Now as far as i was concerned, the real winners were the travel photos. I’ve been to some stunning places, and i have been lucky enough to get some great images just by having my camera with me.

Take a look at my TRAVEL photography.

Firstly, i want to clarify that i have unfortunately not made my millions from stock imagery yet. The market is very competitive and getting your images seen let alone purchased is nigh on impossible unless you are dedicating a lot of time to this.

With this said, however, i have a few sales of one particular niche and it wasn’t what i though it was going to be…. it was….My dogs.

All the beautiful landscapes and travel images – and everyone seems to prefer my bozz eyed, Marty Feldman looking Springer Spaniel and her little blurry tongue-out mate.


So anyway, if you’re thinking of purchasing some stock images (particularly of spaniels) then feel free to visit my page. 



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