Kinfolk Shoot – Location model photography


I have been feeling a bit restless recently from having a lot of still life shoots on.

As a Product  LOVE shooting still life… there is something so wonderfully serene about just pootling along in a room on my own, arranging beautiful products in natural light or the studio, or executing complicated lighting setups for intricate bottles. Its a very relaxing process but it can also be….. for want of a better phrase….. a bit samey.

So i decided to venture back into the world of TFP.

I wanted an industrial amish chic shoot, with muted tones and a simplistic theme. Think somewhere between Pride and prejudice, and game of thrones.

I got to researching the style. I like to use pinterest, because its a great online tool for moodboarding. The user face is simple, really easy to pin styles and i find the ‘similar images’ function great for this process. The full board can be found HERE.

Screenshot 2018-10-07 23.16.01.png

Luckily i am on the doorstep of wonderful locations, so it didn’t take much researching to find some public areas with views of old mills.

The model lived nearby, so i packed my stuff into the car, just camera kit, and a large sunbounce and then we just waited until we had a nice day.

A couple of hours shooting just before dusk and we got the shot i had wanted, and then a few portfolio fillers for her.





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