The Longest Day Ever….

Popular option says that millennial have no work ethic.

I just wanted to share a little anecdote which was so super bizarre that i couldn’t help but share.

My team and I have just returned from a 4 day shoot with for fashion retailers Christmas campaign. I will update this post once the images are released.

We travelled round central London shooting at influencers in their homes. Great concept for a Christmas Campaign with influencers in their own homes.

We were staying in London for the 4 days of shooting, travelling around the various different areas in Central London.

At dinner on the second night I thought I may have pulled a muscle in my back from carrying hefty kit around. Fast forward to 2am the next morning and I am writhing around in agony in bed, 2 codeine later and I’m still in ferocious pain clawing in my back, and I’m feverish. I already had an inkling what this was, but I needed to find out for sure and get it sorted cause we had 2 more days of shooting.

A 3am taxi ride later and a couple of hours in the waiting room, I am admitted to the A&E in the West Middlesex University Hospital. The fabulous and professional nurses and doctors there had me hooked up to Intraveinous painkillers, took blood and urine samples for testing, and subsequently gave me I.V. And oral Antibiotics and discharges me just in time to set off to the shoot.
With a night of a couple of hours sleep and 5 hours in A&E, still bandaged up (though I did remember to remove my hospital tag!) I went to a shoot in a gorgeous part of London. I didn’t tell anyone apart from my own photographic and video team about what had happened the previous night, as I didn’t want to kill the vibe of the shoot. I actually wore make up… and those who know me, will know that is a rarity…. but thank goodness for Charlotte Tilburys magic concealer. My guys were so lovely and looked after me wonderfully – wouldn’t let me carry anything, and made sure i stayed hydrated and ate enough.

Now this post is not here to toot my own horn. (and just as an addition to this post, my boyfriend was FURIOUS with me about the whole thing…. well…. not the being ill part…. but the rest)

However, i’m not sure how many young (or not so young in my case) professionals would go and fulfil a high pressure days work, with a kidney infection, after almost no sleep and 5 hours in A&E.

So there it is…. the show must go on…. and at some point i’ll take a nap.

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