BRKE Retouch Project

Creative retouching for an album cover.

This was for a single cover for singer BRKE (pronounced Brooke).

The original image is below (i’ve pixelated it, to retain her modesty), but you get the idea, its a simple white background shot of her wearing a green jacket. The brief was to make it decadent and glamorous with a hint of fantasy.

original unretouched BLURRED.jpg


And here is the finished image. As you can see, it was an extensive retouch, mainly in the creation of the jacket which was priced together partly from elements of an existing jacket, and partly hand drawn. The sky and overall tone of the image was the other major part of the works, get the ethereal feel whilst retaining her look.


And here is the finished single cover produced by Mad Moves Records.


Here is a layer reveal video to show how the image is built up and layered together.


If you want to know a bit more about BRKE and her single then there’s a fab article HERE.


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