5 Reasons to Use a Professional Photographer

Everyone knows a hobbyist photographer with a new(ish) DSLR, or a fancy mirrorless that takes a nice snap. The temptation for small brands, and startup businesses to use their mate that likes taking pictures is undeniable. This mate will be cheap, or FREE, and their instagram looks pretty cool, right?

So what are the reasons that you should hire a professional photographer?

1. High Grade Equipment  & Proper Insurances

Whilst it is very true that the Kit does not guarantee great imagery. You could hand a 60k Phase One system to a novice and they would likely produce absolute crap with it.
Skilled use of high grade equipment produces quality imagery.
Photography equipment is undoubtably expensive, and the professional photographer invests in their business with high grade camera and lighting equipment, along with additional back up equipment should the primary equipment fail. Your professional photographer will also have the proper insurances and documentation in place should something go wrong or anyone get hurt.

2. Quality Custom Assets

Stock Imagery is well priced, and can be an option for people wanting to bulk up their assets on a small budget, but often stock imagery is used over and over again by different brands so there is no individuality, along with missing out on building up those beautiful SEO rankings.
Custom content means you get EXACTLY what you want without having to compromise.
High Resolution assets created by professional photographers can be easily used across multiple platforms, from social to store windows.
Professional photographers have training, experience and knowledge of the techniques to create captivating imagery and the industry standards for the various end uses.

3. Experience and Efficiencies

A professional photographer offers a wealth of knowledge and experience which contributes to a smooth production and excellent quality assets.

Imagine the scenario:
Having booked a shoot, you’ve got your model booked, and you’re going to shoot in a city centre street… the model was expensive and your budgets tight, so you decided to scrimp on the photographer and get your mate with a camera to help you out.
 – Unfortunately nobody thought to check the weather, so it rains.
 – No-one has production experience, so didn’t check if there were toilets, the nearest toilets are 15 minute walk away and your female model won’t get changed on site and insists on going to the toilet each time which eats into the shooting time.
 – The complicated weather scenario fogs up your mates lens and all the images are a bit foggy and blurry.
 – The police move you on several times, because you don’t have a council permit to shoot, and the general public are getting in the shots.
 – The photographer is stressed and it makes the model uncomfortable, so she looks pissed in all the shots.
 – After the shoot, it transpires that the photographer didn’t back up the shots properly and he’s lost half the images he took.
This is a disaster scenario, and it is statistically improbable that all of these issues would happen. But its not beyond the scope of reality that a couple of these things, or similar issues could happen.
A professional photographer has years of experience doing this job day in and day out, all culminating in an intuitive understanding of photography, production, shoot logistics, copyright law, the weather, light etc. This means your shoot will run as smoothly as it can do, and your time and money will be efficiently utilised.

4. Post Production and File management

Professional photographers have access to high grade software for the post production of images.

Retouching is a large part of the image making process. Removing unwanted items / blemishes, crease removal, brightening , sharpening, skin cleaning, stray hairs, colour grading etc. All of these add up to the slick finished piece which will proudly showcase your business or products.
Also, a professional photographer will safely  and securely store your images with additional backups, should the worst happen. I store client images for 2 years, unless requested otherwise, in accordance with GDPR regulations, which means if your IT systems fail – you still have additional back up imagery.

5. Industry Knowledge and Contacts

A professional photographer can help you get the most out of your shoots with industry knowledge, advising you on model booking, location sourcing, product prep, concept work, budgeting, council permits, legislation and copyright law, to name a few.
A professional photographer also has contacts with agencies, freelancers, and industry professionals and can put you in touch with the right people to help progress your brand and business.

In summary, when you hire a professional photographer, you are taking the risk out of the project, ensuring you get the best out of your budget, and helping to promote your business.

If you’ve read this far then you must be of the belief that booking a professional photographer is the best course of action, so why not get in touch today and see how I can help you get your project moving.

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