Vintage fashion photography – WW2 Test shoot

I don’t normally take on Test Shoots very often, but occasionally one comes along that you just cannot refuse.

The make up artist Bianca had posted on a facebook group requesting a vintage fashion photographer and models for a WW2 look that she had been wanting to do.

Now, i’m going to be completely honest, normally i find the amateurish 1940s looks that hobbyist photographers do absolutely criminal to behold. I hate them, and unfortunately they are so prolific amongst the hobbyist groups that we are swamped with them.

However, i saw this casting call, and i thought… what if we did this WELL. What if we really authentically tried to recreate the look and took some genuine 1940s style editorial images.

There was another reason why this really appealed to me:

My grandparents met during the War, my grandmother was an air raid warden and my grandpa was an RAF pilot. My grandpa always said that he saw my grandmother across the street (she was wearing red shoes) and he told his friend, before he’d even spoken to her that he would marry her. He was in a plane crash (survived with broken legs and fractured skull) during the war on a recce mission and was stranded on kinder scout for over 24 hrs in the freezing cold. My grandma looked after him, he was told he would never walk again,but with her support he did, and they went on to have family and a full incredible life until they passed 4 years ago within months of each other at a ripe old age of 91 &92.


In essence, it was the make up artists shoot, she was great in organising the many elements, such as models, and location; The Vintage Carriages Trust, and the models Kennedy and Dathan Had great links with a small vintage shop in Haworth called The Souk who supplied all our clothing and accessories.

I rocked up as the Vintage Fashion photographer at the souk, and it was really nice to have some input over the outfits. So often when i am working as a brand marketing photographer the outfits are already mainly compiled, so i only really get a say over whether i think they work from a styling point of view or not.

The chemistry between the models was excellent, it helps that they are an actual couple.

Big thank you to the whole team that worked on this project on a bank holiday!

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