Freelance Campaign Photographer in the UK

I have been a photographer in the UK fashion industry for just over 10 years. Having shot all over the UK for various brands and retailers across the nation, but I do have some of my favourite locations to shoot in. So here is a rundown of my favourite towns to shoot in. 

Fashion Photographer in Leeds 

Leeds is my home town, so I may be a little biased, but I love working in leeds. Leeds gave me my start in fashion photography working with the arcadia group on Topshop, Evans and Dorothy Perkins waaay back in 2009, so I have a big soft spot for this town. Also, there is some fab bars and night spots in leeds, so it a cracking place to have a cheeky after shoot beer! 

Athleisure and Sportswear Photographer in Central London

I’ve shot many campaigns for different brands in central London, but one of my top faves is this Puma campaign shot in the entrance to the Emirates stadium in Holloway. 

Case Study - Puma SS18

Specialist Sport Photographer in Northumbria

We get up to a lot of weird stuff as photographers, but this one nearly took the biscuit. Standing in waist level river water, wearing WADERS, tentatively holding thousands of pounds worth of equipment in a pretty strong current. Robson was a Gentleman though… not gonna lie… bit of a crush. 

Model Photographer in Chichester

I had the joy of visiting Chichester for the first time in 2019 to shoot a handful of models for Alchemy Vip

Fashion Photography in Manchester

Manchester is the home of fashion in the north, and has the densest population of photographic locations and studios and model agencies north of London. I love the team at Industry Models and have shot a huge percentage of their models, so if you’re looking to book a northern shoot then get in touch! 

Fashion Brand Photography in Central London

Last Christmas I had the joy of touring round Central London, shooting a load of different properties and locations for the House of Fraser Christmas Campaign. I have spent a lot of my 10 years in central London, so if you’re curious about any of the locations of the photography in my portfolio then just get in touch , I am happy to advise clients and peers alike. Here is a london skyline shot from a fashion campaign in Piccadilly.

Equestrian Fashion Photography in Nottingham

I currently live near Nottingham, and am surrounded by some of the most beautiful and lush countryside and quirky little towns. The midlands really is such a wonderful place for campaign photography but is often overlooked. This shot was taken near the stables at Newstead Abbey with model and presenter Georgia Jones.

Location shoot photographer horse

Streetwear Photographer in Southhampton

Who would have thought that Southampton had this little gem of a location hiding away in its university. This is not open to the public, and must be hired privately, but its such a fab little space to create something a bit otherworldly like this streetwear shoot for Fabric. 

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