Improvising Locations on a Budget

Locations on a budget

Organising a model shoot can be pretty tough when the client doesn’t have a location and doesn’t have the budget to spring for a location. London location can cost anything between £400 for a day, to £800 for an HOUR depending on the requirements for a photoshoot.

Photographer with a location

I am lucky to have an old farmhouse set back into the Nottinghamshire countryside, surrounded by greenery and beautiful scenery, with plenty of amenities nearby. I have often considered putting up my lovely farmhouse as a film location with an agency, but i can never get past the feeling of not wanting to share my space.

However, when i was shooting Georgia for a client, it seemed perfect for the brief.

Shooting from home as a location is about as convenient as it gets. All the amenities of home, and not having to travel anywhere with bags upon bags of equipment.

For this shoot we utilised the barn area as a background, the orchard area for some greenery and one of the bedrooms for lingerie shots.

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