Social Distancing At Bryony Photography

Anyone who knows me well will know that, prior to the lockdown, i was already a pretty big fan of social distancing. Not a member of the casual cuddle club, i am much more of a distanced wave goodbye kind of gal…. but here is how we’re abiding by social distancing at Bryony Photography to allows us to continue working whilst keeping everyone safe and sound until restrictions are lifted fully..

What social distancing measures have been put in place?

  • The studio is large enough that we can still actively host models shoots whilst still abiding by the 2metre rule.
  • A large outdoor space is also available for “location” style shoots.
  • Long lenses will be utilised to get close up shots of models whilst not actually encroaching in their space.
  • Models will be responsible for they’re own hair and make up until it is safe to have hair and make up artists.
  • Model Photoshoots will not be booked less than 4 days apart to minimise possibility of transmission.
  • Photoshoots will be postponed should any team members show symptoms*
  • People falling into the “vulnerable” categories will be unable to attend shoots**
  • Models will be required to bring their own sustenance
  • Hand washing facilities will be provided.

*Shoots will be postponed should anyone disclose feeling unwell, or show symptoms.

**It is also recommended that you do not attend a shoot if you are acting as a care giver, or have anyone in your household who is in the “vulnerable” categories.

Product Photography During Lockdown

Our remote product photography offering does not require any modifications to abide by social distancing regulation during lockdown, however for people who are particularly concerned about the current situation we can offer additional precautions such as:

  • Antibacterial sanitising for products and packaging
  • Quarantine period once packaged (4 -7 days) for returned products
  • Contact free product pickup for local businesses

If you have any questions regarding the safety aspects of our photography services during this difficult time, then please feel free to get in touch.

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