Cosmetics photography – I DEW CARE

Most of you will already know that I adore shooting cosmetics and skincare products – especially cute packaging for Korean style products. So, I was absolutely over the moon when I was given the opportunity to work with the guys at Memebox on producing some social content for their brand I Dew Care. 

I Dew Care is a seriously fun, colourful and cute product range with awesome ingredients to care for your skin. Imagine Tony Moly had a lovechild with Milk Makeup and you’ve sort of got the idea. 

Creating a concept for product photography

Different people will approach concept creation from alternative directions, and different projects call for different approaches. For this project I allowed the packaging, ingredients and overall brand aesthetic to lead my creative process.

Cake My Day Facemask

  • A wash-off mask with hydrating rainbow sprinkles, smells of birthday cake.

Berry Groovy Facemask

  • A berry scented wash-off mask with exfoliating strawberry seeds. 

Macha Mood Facemask

  • A green tea scented wash-off mask infused with macha powder.

 Berry Melting Make up Remover

  • A sherbet-like balm-to-oil cleanser featuring blueberry & jojoba oil which has a melting texture.  

My next step was to sketch out a handful of overarching ideas to guide me during planning & shooting. 

Turning a concept into reality

Taking the step from a hand drawn concept to an actualised photographic image is the fun part.  

First step is to decide which elements we should shoot – and which will be stock imagery. Technically we could shoot ALL of these elements even for the comp work, however it can be much more efficient to use stock imagery for certain elements , and i didnt fancy baking a 4-5 tier rainbow cake just for 1 photo.

For all of these images I used a two light setup – a very simple but very effective setup, with a softbox as the key light, and a bare reflector as a skim. The lighting is then partially controlled with black and white card strategically positioned to bounce and remove light where necessary.  

For a full breakdown of how these were shot and put together as final images, check out the new issue of Photography Masterclass Magazine for my article “From Concept to Creative” where i run through the project from cradle to grave.

Get in touch to discuss your potential product photography projects.

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