Air bnb photography in Nottingham

Great quality property photography is the cornerstone of getting bookings for your serviced accommodation. Clear, high definition photography which showcases your property’s USPs and highlights its key features will undoubtably increase your booking rates. 

What is included in professional photography for Serviced accomodation?

You might be wondering what the benefits of hiring a professional photographer for your new Air Bnb. Lets run through some of the elements which make professional photography that little bit EXTRA:

·      High spec Camera Equipment

Professional grade camera equipment is used to photograph your property in perfectly exposed high definition.

·      Wide angle lenses

Wide angle lenses are utilised to capture each room corner to corner. These shots alongside close up shots of details and textures give the potential vacationer a detailed and sensory experience of the serviced accomodation listing.

·      The perfect light

We balance flash and daylight, alongside the ambient lights from the property to accentuate the properties features. Whether that is a light and airy space or rustic and moody we can light your Aribnb to showcase it in it’s best light. (Pun intended) .

·      Angles and Compositions

Bryony Photography will work to your brief to capture key elements of your serviced accommodation property showing off it’s USPs from the most pleasing angles.

Why Bryony Photography? 

Bryony Photography has 10 years experience photographing everything from High-end commercial properties in the retail sector, to Real Estate projects for estate agencies and serviced accommodation properties for Airbnb. 

What should I budget for a Serviced Accomodation Photography? 

The cost of property photography can range dependant on the size and location of the property itself. For an average Airbnb property, you will likely be looking at paying between £75-£120, with larger homes potentially coming in at around £500. 

Will do I need to plan for Airbnb Photography?

It’s a good idea to have some idea of key areas you would like to capture. Whether you require a single type of photography, or whether you would like to have 360 photography and video also executed at the same time. 

It also worth thinking about the property styling. If you would like to style the property prior to us photographing it, or if you would like for us to style it for you. 

Contact Bryony Photography

If you are ready to start planning your Airbnb photography project then Get In Touch today. You can also like our Facebook Page for updates. 

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