Professional Real Estate Photography that Sells Houses

Did you know that 95% of people searching for a new home begin their search online? That’s a pretty crazy statistic,  but with the rise of the real estate Goliaths like Rightmove and Zoopla, the UK real estate market is moving much more toward a US style online ecommerce model. (Source)

In the ecommerce model, the photography sells the product. Great property photography is key here. Quality imagery of styled rooms catches the eye of the buyer, and multipled detailed shots of the vendors property gets your buyer in the door for a viewing. 

Bryony photography offers great quality property photography to local estate agents, with a proven track record of getting QUICK SALES based on exceptional photography, with some properties being SOLD STC within 24 hours of going live with our imagery. 

How does professional photography differ from standard estate agency photography?

Many estate agencies are still using the old school technique of sending a junior lettings/ sales manager out to photograph the properties, perhaps they will have a semi decent camera, with an intuitive auto function which will take a semi decent picture. This has previously been a perfectly acceptable way to list properties, however, with the rise in online selling, the ever increasing house prices, and more of a push towards high end listings – vendors expect more from their agency. Most homeowners are aware of the options with self selling, and the rise of the flat fee listings, and expect traditional agencies to really work to earn their 1-2% of sales. What better way to show the vendors that you are going the extra mile than by hiring a professional photographer and showcasing the property using high end imagery. 

Bryony Photography has years of experience in shooting high-end residential and commercial property photography and we offer this a very reasonable price. 

What does professional photography include?

Without a doubt professional photography stands out from the crowd on property listing sites, but most people couldn’t put their finger on why this is. Lets run through some of the elements which make professional photography that little bit EXTRA:

·      Professional Camera Equipment

High resolution imagery created by high spec, professional grad camera equipment. This means every detail is captured flawlessly, in high definition with exceptional colour grades to make the imagery pop.

·      Lenses that capture the widest angles

Wide angle lenses that can capture even the smallest of box rooms from corner to corner, giving the potential buyers the information they need to book a viewing, whilst making properties feel spacious and welcoming.

·      Balancing light

Professional photographers are able to control the amount and direction of light, utilising existing light sources such as windows and fitted lights & lamps, combined with additional flash lighting to create light and airy spaces out of even the dingiest of rooms.

·      Composition and angles

We are able to identify and show the best angles and compositions for each and every real estate shoot, showcasing each property in its best light (no pun intended).

·      The money shot is in the kurb appeal

At Bryony Photography, we understand the significance of capturing that PERFECT main shot for a real estate listing. That single main shot is the key to getting clicks through to the main listing page, so we ensure exceptional high definition, perfectly exposed shots with soft blue skies. 

How much does professional real estate photography cost?

Here at bryony photography, we want every property to get the level of attention to detail and exceptional professional photography, so we try to keep our pricing reasonable enough that it can be easily rolled into the package price without costing the estate agents too much from their bottom line. A standard property photography package starts at £75, which includes the retouched images delivered via cloud storage.

What areas does Bryony Photography cover? 

At bryony photography, we cover the whole of Nottinghamshire

Get in touch today to discuss your options for real estate photography.

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